Copying Amelia

I recently posted some information on non-conventional approach to copying photographs and/or paintings. Sadly, the post did not receive many responses. I still think it’s a cool idea so I decided to post it here. No need to use a scanner and fix the image in a photo editor. The use of the zone plate (ZP) lens tends to eliminate all those unwanted blemishes on the original image. No need to worry about glares or lighting problems. The zone plate seems to work better with such aberrations. YMMV.

One commentator pointed out the ZP is definitely a tool for hiding the flaws, however, its effect gets applied across the entire image wiping off the desired details. For some images it does not work. For this particular image the details on her eyes are washed out. Hence there is a caveat. As in all cases, one would need a very good capture of the original image to begin with. Sometimes, that’s not the case with the older photos. Even with convention method, decent copying of photos that have degraded through time is very difficult as the result could be too much unwanted information. Oh, well :o

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering okay this is wild but “what’s the point?” I realized as I’m typing away that not everybody who visits this site owns a ZP lens let alone knows how to take a photo. Well, you can send me your old photos, and I’ll copy them using the ZP. I promise I’ll send back the original but I can’t promise that you will like the copied version. My compensation is negotiable.


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