Still Alive

It’s been over two months since any activity appeared on this blog. Some of you who have been visiting this site may have concluded of its demise. It’s true that I’ve neglected this site as I’ve been busy with research and have been more active at the LensBaby forum (also part of research). I’ll try to change that and again devote more time here.

On the matter of research, I’ve seen cool blogs and websites out there. One that inspired me to get back to broader pursuit of art [as opposed to limiting myself to photography] is Nista’s
Non-Photography. She blogs at Still Alive . Nista is articulate, funny and her blogs are useful for artists like me who are stuck in a rut. She has published a number of books although I have not read her books as they are so expensive. For instance, one paperback she recently published cost over $35 at

Nista reminds me Jackson Pollack. Her worldview disregards and defies conventional wisdom. Her rule is no rules. As contradictory as this may sound, it is in fact a rule. It’s like one brother who once told me that he has no philosophy. I told him that he actually did, whether he admits it or not. I responded to him by telling him that his philosophy is to hold no “other” philosophy. Maybe this is too far out for some people, and besides I’m digressing to a point of sounding absurd.Check out Nista and enjoy her cool works. For starters, read
this … or else!

[photo insert: a kind of blue]


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