Obscured by Texture

Texturized images are the trendy. I was a bit slow in jumping on this trend until now. After some experimentations, I excitingly discovered how textures could transform mundane images into dreadfully obscured ones. An example is the modern architecture of the building in this post being transported back in time. Or to some it might look like I forgot to wipe off that chocolate smudge on my camera lens. Yet I’m continually amazed at the results of applying this newfound approach. For this particular image, I used Photoshop Elements (or Corel Paint Pro?). The technique is so simple. I just opened the file the photo editor. Then I picked an image for use as texture. Open it in a different window. Copy and pasted it as a layer on the previous image. Clicked overlay, tweaked the percentage slider, and I’m done… for the most part.


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