Jerry in Peace

Good job, Jer’…

Our cat is the perfect model as he usually does not move a lot whenever I place my camera in front of him. This image was captured with the use of Rose's broken tripod and her Canon PowerShot a590is at f/8, 10 secs and iso 80.

What's interesting about this shot is that Rose's old tripod had been collecting dust for so long until I noticed that there was a screw at the bottom of the center column. I mounted a camera on it and I realized I could take shots as low as a couple of inches from the ground without having to bend or hug the ground. Sweet. Another tool not wasted.

In this image, Jerry was snucked inside his cubby hole, which was on the ground. Without the tripod, I would have to crawl and hold the camera for 10 secs at iso 80. The alternative would have been increasing the iso but I wanted a picture with minimal grain. After all I was shooting with a small sensor at medium resolution (8mb).


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