blue botanica

i'm not sure if i posted this before. if i have, then i apologize for the redundancy.

don't know what the botanical name for this. rose, mimi and i were up the hill behind our lot, and rose found this. i did multiple shots of it using a canon a590is point and shoot, and rendered the jpeg images (the camera can only shoot jpeg) on picturenaut as an hdr image. the final image was tone-mapped to get that blue saturation.

the photo is not tack sharp because the images would not align perfectly. i think it's still a good shot. don't you think? hey, are you still there?


trebor said…
eh juzno... wat ish dis botanical kwabebe. uh feel dat yoo gut en stohl muh tun-duh, yoo deeg?
marley69 said…
eh, trebor. wat wit da rastafarian accent. yoo dem dutch blood can go bahk too yoor con-tree. eh em da troo boofuhluh shol-dyer.

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