The Return of the Strawman

The Strawman was one of the first pictures I posted on this blog. Sometime ago, I decided to texturize the photo. This was before I've heard of the technique using Photoshop or some other computer software. It might have already been done but I was just not aware of it. So I did the texturizing the old way. Yes, I painted on the printed photo using acrylic paints.

When a computer graphic artist saw this displayed in my house, he asked what kind of software I used. LOL... When I told him that I didn't use any, he couldn't believe it.

Goes to show that old-school approach still rocks.


mimi said…
hey, juzno... cool retro pic. i like how you did this old-school type...
marley69 said…
eh, juzno -- puleez send da straw reel kwik, mon.

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