How to make your own vintage postcard

This appeared in my previous post at the LensBaby Studio Forum back in July. why on earth should I post this again? well y'know, my friend -- after several glasses of cheap wine, everything seems to make sense. So here goes -- How to make your own vintage postcard:

1. Go out on the street and take a picture of your fancy with your Lensbaby. This will be your main postcard image.

2. Take a picture of that concrete you are standing on. You will need this later on for texture.

3. Download the pictures on your PC or Mac. Open pictures in your Photo Editor (I still use the original version of Adobe Photoshop Elements because I refuse to upgrade – but that’s another story.)

4. Layer the two pictures together. Choose “Normal” for the image you wish to be the postcard. Choose “Overlay” for the image of the concrete. Play around with the slider until it starts to look like a texture. Make sure you’re happy with the result. Flatten the layers and save as either tiff or jpeg. This is now your postcard image composite.

5. Wait we’re not done. Scan an old photo with a border. It does not matter what it is as long as it has a border. Grandpa’s graduation photo that has been gathering dust and cobweb would make a good one. Download that old photo and open it in the same Photo Editor.

6. Resize this image so it’s a bit larger than the postcard image. All you need is the border.

7. Copy the composite postcard image that you just saved and paste it as a layer on the old photo. Re-align the image until it covers Grandpa’s face. Make sure you don’t cover the borders.

8. Flatten the image, save and you’re done. Print the image and send it to Grandpa. Tell him that his portrait is underneath the postcard :)
[Canon 5d, LBC, f4]


marley69 said…
eh wood lak 2 no wat u been eesmokin

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