Give peace a chance

Art for Art's Sake has been renamed to Observations. I decided to change it because everytime I google Art for Art's Sake, I get million hits... none of them about this blog. The direction too somewhat changed.

I started this blog to showcase my artwork (mostly photographic, although there are some other mediums I have also used). The intent was for friends and family to see what I was up to concerning new art projects. I think that has not changed. But lately I have this desire to reach out to more people -- maybe artists like me. Frustrated, disappointed, sometimes manic, other times depressed, fascinated about the arts, happy and sad, sometimes encouraged, but always looking forward for better days.

The extent I now want is to blog ideas. Not just techniques. But iDeas. This is a quantum leap in terms of epistemology. [For those who may not know this big word, it's only a hi-fuh for "why we think the way we think?"] I plan to elaborate more on this later.
Perhaps, at the end of the day, all we are saying is "give peace a chance."


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