Thomas Chang with Nature (1 of 3)

I’d like to introduce you to my guest in this blog... a brilliant and talented photographer - Thomas Chang. From the moment I saw his captures, I kept coming back for more.  Stunning and awesome are words that I could think of whenever I look at his images.

When asked how he captured his images, I would hear in his voice how deeply passionate he is about his photography and the subject he takes.  He is in my opinion truly Mother Nature's son.  Just check out his stuff below and you will see what I mean.

Thomas Chang writes, "Mandarin Duck is a colorful and exquisite waterfowl with a stunning beauty.  Native to China and Japan, it is a symbol of happiness in love, with thoughts of romance, devotion, and affection in Chinese culture."(A beautiful Mandarin Duck swimming at a local pond,Yorba Linda Regional Park,California)
"This Bullfrog prefers to sit and wait for its prey to come by; then, with a quick flash of its tongue, it will grab the prey and bring it back into its large mouths. " (A Bullfrog soaking up the sun, Desconso Garden,California)
"This cottontail rabbit hided under the brush to escape  the heat." (A Cottontail Rabbit hiding in the brush,California)
Thomas adds, "Photographing wildlife is both fascinating and rewarding; it helps me to see and experience nature in its splendor and minute detail.  The camera lens can capture genuine beauty, life and colors of nature and animals that cannot be easily seen by the unaided eye.  Through the camera’s lens, I feel connected to nature in a special way.  I hope my images can depict the beauty of our natural world and increases respect and awareness for nature."

You can contact Thomas Chang at

This is part one of a three part installment so as to allow the viewers to truly enjoy Thomas Chang's art.  Text and photos are copyright by Thomas Chang.  Coming next: Thomas Chang and His Technique.  


Guy Patterson said…
Stunning collection. Can't wait to see the rest of his work. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
What lovely nature shots.

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