Who really cares

art by juznobsrvr, panasonic dmc lx3, f4

i think you’ll find me boring… heh – i’m an old geezer with lots of excess baggages (you’ve seen that in my art)... i studied graphic arts years ago (probably before anybody reading this was born )... never really learned much except that i found out i could smoke pot in the school dark room and the teacher couldn’t do anything… then i got into painting using acrylic and did some collages… sold a few but never got serious into it… about a couple of years ago after my injury (i used to do music gigs at cafes... recorded music... played guitar... tried to sing... i realized i was hopeless), i did some soul searching, i picked up a camera  as i needed to do art (i can’t help it) and it changed my life… well sort of… it just felt as a natural transition… but who really cares?  no, i'm talking about jazz... who really cares how jazz sounds?  not that i hate jazz... don't get me wrong, my friend... on the contrary, i dig jazz... but who listens to it nowadays?  except old geezers like me, maybe... who really cares?


Tsetung said…
have U considered checking In?
Vesna said…
I care ...and I listen to jazz:)
always nice to get you know you better omg
hello blogger
really i dont care
but u can visit
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