Review of Holga Wide Pinhole Camera (WPC)

Enter the Holga Wide Pinhole Camera (WPC). This can provide a wide panoramic at 120 degrees. It comes with masks for both 6×7 cm or 6×9 cm images. I’ve tried shooting without the mask and I was able to extend the panoramic view. Whoo-hoo!
Endemic to all Holga cameras is their propensity to allow light leaks. Some love the leaks. Others hate them. If you prefer not to have light leaks, you can always flock the inside of the camera. There is a lot of instructional materials in the internet concerning flocking your Holga.

The camera is designed to use 120 size film roll but I’ve seen images using 35mm films with slight modification. It also comes with a bubble level, which can be useful for those demanding perfectly straight horizon.

I also like that there it has a tripod thread, which is nice for very long exposures, although I’ve taken shots by just holding the camera down to the ground and have produced relatively sharp images. There is a myth about pinhole cameras that they only produce dreamy and fuzzy images. Obviously, this is not true. 

Reprinted from Lomography Magazine 

See updated version of image (July 11, 2011).
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