Composing Amanda

Canon EOS 60d, EF 135mm L

This is one of those moments when I wished I have a zoom lens.  I was roaming around the church kitchen just looking for some candid shots when her mom called her, "Amanda, he's taking your picture."  Suddenly, it wasn't candid anymore.  With a pose like her, who could refuse that?  The problem was I was too close to her and my back was already on the wall.  I would have wished a lesser cropped shot.  Preferably showing her neck and some background.  Nonetheless, I think it was a great capture.  This image was really a composite of two shots.  One shot was framed properly but was blurry (I had the focus on manual so I had to guesstimate the focusing).  The second shot was sharp but part of her cheek was cut off.  So I put together the two images to get this one.  Ah, the magic of Photoshop.


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