Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to give this Valentine's Day

Iloilo City, Philippines

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, it would seem appropriate to ask the man who is an expert in gift-giving during this time of the year. 

Juznobsrvr:  Mr. Meat Bossman, you’ve been in the gift-giving business for how long?

Mr. Meat Bossman:  35 years  I’ve been in this business.  Will that be a pound or half a pound of pork belly?

J:  I’ll take half.  Now tell me… what would you suggest as a great gift to my wife?

M:  Normally, I’ll recommend a variety of stuff like ribs, loin and belly fat but since you’re a repeat customer, I’ll have to say get her the fat back.

J:  Why is that?

M:  It’s the best part.  You can make them into pork rinds and lard.

Disclaimer:  If you are a puckerbutt or if you are offended because you are a Jew, Vegetarian, or non-meat eater because of religion or diet or preference, then I apologize for this silly satirical banter.