What to give this Valentine's Day

Iloilo City, Philippines

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, it would seem appropriate to ask the man who is an expert in gift-giving during this time of the year. 

Juznobsrvr:  Mr. Meat Bossman, you’ve been in the gift-giving business for how long?

Mr. Meat Bossman:  35 years  I’ve been in this business.  Will that be a pound or half a pound of pork belly?

J:  I’ll take half.  Now tell me… what would you suggest as a great gift to my wife?

M:  Normally, I’ll recommend a variety of stuff like ribs, loin and belly fat but since you’re a repeat customer, I’ll have to say get her the fat back.

J:  Why is that?

M:  It’s the best part.  You can make them into pork rinds and lard.

Disclaimer:  If you are a puckerbutt or if you are offended because you are a Jew, Vegetarian, or non-meat eater because of religion or diet or preference, then I apologize for this silly satirical banter.


Anonymous said…
Rob ,am I reading this right, is this about the obsessions humans have with porking on Valentines Day? :)tony
Rob Castro said…
heh... tony, it's a great excuse

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