Panasonic DMC-LX3 (before it got baptized)
 I feel I could identify with these leaves.  They're ubiquitous.  Yet no one seems to notice.

"The tree has let go of it... it will never be a part of the cycle anymore but a mere end of it." - Siefred Polido

Time for another stiff drink.  Cheers. 


joyce said…
Thanks much for sharing…pretty pretty………how many colors of brown are there?? Have you ever been to the east coast during fall foliage? You would go crazy with making pictures. It is so beautiful….and now I am reminded of that beautiful picture of leaves that you sent a while back…the one I wanted for a screen saver if you remember?
p said…
For me personally, I love this picture! I would blow this up and put it on the wall. And yes, the tree has let go of it but it is not the end. It will become loam for the ground and will nourish the soil which in turn will grow new things and the cycle goes on. Isn’t nature amazing?
Rob Castro said…
thanks to vesna for the title

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