101 at LAX

LAX, Canon Rebel XT, Lensbaby Composer, view large at Juzno ofthe Day
Hope you're keeping cool. Sorry, I haven't shared any photos in a while. Just too hot to be working in the studio. Plus by the time I get home I am already enervated from the searing heat. Just part of getting old. Really, if you think about it, photography is a young person's sport: hauling the camera, tripod and various lenses, and hiking several miles to get to the desired location. One needs to be mentally alert to be able to set the appropriate camera settings. Also one must be on a lookout for those magic moments. Mentally composing as part of the whole process. Then post-processing: developing the film (oh yea occasionally I would still use film), Photoshop, and other embellishments - not to mention shameless self-promotion ramblings (like this one). All these just to capture that one elusive image. Not many people know what it takes because no one really cares about the process. And that's fine. All I'm sayin' ...

The above image is an old one. Meaning I've shot it within the last couple of years or so. I was striving to get that pseudo-impressarsio impressionist style painting. I remember blogging about this image some time ago. I had been waiting at LAX and it must have been 101 degrees. It felt that way. The humidity was so high that people were literally melting. Heh. So I thought the blurry rendition was appropriate for this one. I shot this with my Lensbaby, which allowed me to create artistic blurs. The Lensbaby is great for creeative renditions, and if someone comments, "your picture is out of focus", I take that as an opportunity to evangelize on the merits of using a great expensive lens that will actually make your photos look like they were shot by a two-year old using a disposable camera. "It's art... so it's suppose to be blurry." Then I tell them that I actually printed this on a very special paper (used napkin) and let it get wet out in the park while all those green icing flowing down. Meanwhile, someone left the cake out in the rain so I don't think that I could take it 'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again (I mean the one for the picture). But again, no one cares about the process.

More shameless self-promotion: See my Lensbaby Gallery


Richard Harris said…
reminds me of my old movie but I can't remember what the title was... Camelot or something. Thanks for quoting my song :-)

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