Barbie After Dark

St George St in Sydney where the vamps hang out
"It has that sense of a doll being child-like; or innocent -- and what lies beneath it or out there in the world is sinister and gloomy,"  said one photographer about this image.

Some people are already gearing up for Halloween. Well, I don’t have any Halloween photos for you (not yet though… I’m not really on the hunt for pumpkins). Perhaps, I could indulge you on a haunted house. It’s not really haunted but somebody suggested that it appeared like it was – maybe it’s the eerie image of the doll (dolls can be creepy). Maybe it’s the image of the person on the window. Maybe it’s the blue monochrome that makes the clouds look more ominous than they are. Then again, maybe not.

Shot in Jpeg through a store window somewhere in St George, Sydney.  The doll is inside the store while the building and the clouds are reflections on the window.  No digital manipulation here except for converting the image to monochrome, and some dodging and burning.  What you see is for the most part what came out from the camera.

Hope you have a good day. Cheers.


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