My Bad

I was awakened by a text message on my cell phone. It read: U11illeDx

It was a sloppy code for “you killed the wrong guy.” My initial reaction was this was some sort of a joke. When I verified the sender’s phone number, I couldn’t believe what I had just been sent.

This was a first. I usually make sure I’ve covered everything up to the minute details. I’ve rehearsed the plot in my head so many times that I knew it would be a cinch to complete the job. What could have gone wrong? I remember arriving at the scene a little after seven. There was still enough ambient light to counter the steady darkening of the sky. I don’t like this time of the day. Twilight is the worst time to see things clearly. But it’s the best time to be covert. It works both ways. This is the window of time that our eyes are the least effective. So for doing a job where there is a potential witness, this is a good compromise. If I can help it, I always work in the dark. But this seems to be the only time that would work. I was nearing the end of my deadline. So I have to do it quickly.


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