Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Continuing Urban Decay: Blue Berry Waffle and Marmalade Sky

There is a good Motown song that goes, "just my imagination, running away with me."  I find that the title here resonates that vibe.  For me the image is about the continuing urban decay, nature versus industrialization, new life versus corrosion, and so on.  And yet my imagination somehow says the roof top is a blue berry waffle and the sky is made up of marmalade (just like the John Lennon LSD song).  It's just my imagination, running away with me.

Taken on top of the District Taj Mahal.  Everybody else were running out to get home.  While yours truly was enjoying the sunset.  The last ounce of warmth that the day brought was showering my face.  It was Thursday.  My favorite day of the week.  Ah, life is good.