Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Modern Puritan Preacher

Dr Joel Beeke
President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
I don't usually take "formal" pictures because I just don't have a lot of opportunities to do so.  Last weekend, I attended Growing Reformed Churches Conference 2012, and had every chance to take pictures of people -- conference speakers and attendees.  Perhaps, out of all the images I've taken, the portrait of Dr Joel Beeke in action is my favorite.  His passion and charisma are to me accurately captured in this image. 

For this photo, I used my Canon EF 135mm L lens mounted on the EOS 60d.  Never tried that combination before but I knew from experience that the 135L is a great portrait lens.  I was not a bit disappointed.  Shot at f5.6, which seems to be the EOS's sweet spot, and at very high 1200 ISO. No flash.  I'm really impressed that the noise level was acceptable given the environment I was in.  And the skin tone rendering is impressive to my eyes.  Really happy with this shot.

Other pictures are in my Facebook photo album in case you are interested.