I got signed in to Getty Images

Getty Images invited me to license these photos for their stock library.  Yay!  Praise God. These were posted at Flickr and somehow Getty took notice.  I find it amazing that none of these photos were taken with the original intention of being marketed.  I took these pictures because it is what I love to do.  Though I have aspirations of getting my work noticed, I never take pictures because I think they will sell.  Fortunately, there are those that can do the marketing for me because I would make a poor salesman.  And yet if somebody approached me for a print I usually am obliged to conduct business with them.  It used to make me uncomfortable but I have become used to it.  That brings me to the second reason why I shoot images: I love to share.  Sharing comes with its unintended consequences.  Sometimes, it can be viewed as obtrusive.  Hence, a simple acknowledgement can go a long way (hint- hint).


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