Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hannah, Big Red Loretta and Sister Jane

The three sisters went shopping for Halloween costumes.  Hannah was going to be the Revlon Girl.  Big Red Loretta was going to be Josie without the Pussycats.  And Sister Jane was going to be ... well, plain Jane.  As soon as they get to check out their buys, they were told that their 80% discount coupon had expired last year, and the total for the entire items was outrageous that it cannot be printed here.  The three sisters walked away after deciding that they would each have a miniature Louis Vuitton handbag to safeguard their sims cards for their refurbished iPhone 4s.  Next month maybe they can upgrade to iphone 5.

Photo tip of the day:  Shooting from the hip -- such as how I captured this - can be fun but takes some practice.  For this shot, I preset the camera to f16 at aperture priority so the camera would select the best shutter speed for an acceptable exposure.  Then I up the ISO to 1600.  At this setting, anything I shoot with good lighting will practically be sharp so I manually pre-focus the lens to infinity.  The camera was just at the waist line level so I was able to get a low angle shot.

Hope your day is going well.

 © 2012 Rob Castro