Real men drink their coffee black

Sometimes one can be having a bad day.  And there is nothing in the world that can fix it.  Except maybe a cup of finely home brewed hot coffee.  Such is the panacea that this fine gent employs.  I'll have one too -- make mine double.

Hope your weekend was great.  Cheers.

© 2012 Rob Castro


Anonymous said…
beautiful work - what method of processing did you use on this Rob?
Rob Castro said…
thanks for noticing and the kind words ... this was mostly done on extreme dodging and burning in CS6, which I think I overdid (heh) ... I also use Silver Efex Pro to convert to convert to B&W and some finishing touch using Niksoftware Viveza and Color Efex ... if I were to recommend a plug-in get Viveza - this is my go-to for all my work flows ... cheers

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