New York is expensive

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New York is expensive, but that is to be expected.  Here is a run down of some of the things I incurred:
  • Two glasses of mediocre Red Beaujolais  $32
  • Two tiny Lobster Sandwiches from Fort Greene Park $32
  • Two marginally sized Rib Sliders served on paper plates from Fort Greene Park $18
  • Brunch bill after waiting for 45 minutes to get served  $120
  • Four cocktails at Village Vanguard bar without real choices to drink $70 
  • Two "cheapest" bottles of red wine at Costco $25
  • One way train fare from Great Neck to Penn Station $11 per person (peak hours)
  • One toothbrush $2.99
Trader Joe's doesn't even have wines let alone Two dollar Forty Nine Buck ($2.49) 
Chucks.  They do have beer.  I guess beer is not considered alcoholic beverages.  I didn't buy any.

But there are cheap deals too.  For instance:
  • One used Army Jacket circa WWII $ 22 (haggled from $55 at Fort Greene Park)
  • Bic lighter $0.99 (at Korean Pharmacy store)
  • Travel size toothpaste $1.25 (They priced this at a bargain deal so you don't have to use a toothbrush. Also at Korean Pharmacy store.)
Average prices for most part:
  • One small can of Pellegrino $2 
  • One time use of subway ticket $2.75 (if you need a new card.  $2.50 for refill.)
Some are free:
  • Board and lodging at uppity Great Neck, Long Island ($0)
  • Use of printer and lap top computer ($0)
  • Wi-fi ($0)
  • Stamps and mail service ($0)
  • Ride to get to train station ($0)
  • Tickets to watch New York Philharmonic Orchestra at Avery Hall, Lincoln Center ($0.  Daughter paid them.)
  • Tickets to watch Kenny Baron Jazz Group at Village Vanguard (0$.  Daughter also paid them.  Haha.)
  • Entrance to flea market at Fort Greene Park ($0)
  • Nice weather ($0)
  • Suntan ($0)
  • Allergies to spring pollen ($0)
  • Airport shuttle to and fro ($0)
  • Spending time with daughter
  • Getting lost in the subway
  • Late night talks with host friend 
  • Traveling with spouse all the time


Rob: You could add as free and priceless:
Taking a walk in Central park
and all the photoshoot opportunities that brings the new yorkers (cabs, people and so forth)
great blog
Greetings from Lima

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