Easter at Chino Hills

This was our Easter lunch menu: grilled flank steak, flat bread, and mango/strawberry salad.  We had Tenuta del Fant's moscato d'asti wine as a starter, followed by Louis M Martini's cabernet sauvignon to wash down the meat.  Well, that's the order of Rose's drinking; I may have drank it the other way or done some combination gulps of asti and cabernet.  No dessert so in search of sweets, we ended up eating a chunk of the chocolate bar we bought from Avila, Spain which was intended for hot chocolate drinks.  Weather is warm now so the chocolate was better eaten as dessert instead of being drank as a hot drink.  Trying top it, I smoked a Cuban Trinidad corona, which had burn issues.  As Keith Richards once said in his Whiskey-infused cockney accent, "ya c'aint aw-ways git wot ya wont-uh." But overall, we had a good lunch and two good sermons on the resurrection for the day.  It was indeed a blessed Easter day.  Hope yours was too.


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