The State of the Art is Smelly

© 2014 Rob Castro

Rob:  It is interesting to note that man - being made in the image of God -  has the capacity to create.   Whether it’s music, visual art, or architecture,  Man has the mental and physical ability to create and put things together and call these things whatever he wants. 

Juzno:  Ah, yes.  Creativity is one of those attributes that distinguishes Man from other creatures.

Rob:  Yet art is marginalized both by Christians and the secular world.  Why is that? 

Juzno:   I think Art is marginalized because of people’s flawed understanding of art.   Art is seen either just a hobby, an entertainment  or even a matter of personal preference.

Rob:   Yet art permeates  culture.

Juzno:  Yes, art is everywhere – in magazine ads, billboards, in clothing, television, music.

Rob:    Since this is the case, shouldn’t we be concerned about what art is doing to culture?

Juzno:  We should be.  But we don't.


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