They were obviously Calvinists

“What is it that I love to photograph?”

I like to shoot Man as a matter of preference. Man, being made in the image of God, makes interesting subject.  I can easily relate to this subject  (because I am a man.) So I do street photography, portraits and people. 

Yet once in while I will try to shoot something else.  For instance nature landscape.  I'm usually not interested in shooting nature because a lot of times it is devoid of human element.  The Dutch painters understood this.  They may paint a landscape or seascape, and even though there may not be a person in the painting, you know that there is human activity.  For example, we see a landscape with a house on it – we know that somebody is using that house.  Or perhaps we see a shipyard - we know that the boat is used by fishermen.  Dutch painters understood Man as an integral part of creation.  Man is the centerpiece of God’s creation.  There is dignity in Man even though he is fallen because he is created in God’s image.  The Dutch Painters were obviously  Calvinists.


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