First Quiche

No, I am not talking about first kiss although that would also be something interesting to talk about.  Rose baked her first quiche the other day.  I have only tasted a couple of quiche in my lifetime so I don't really have much to compare Rose's quiche.  It seems more moist than the ones I tasted.  Not sure if it's supposed to be dry.  But I like Rose's version.

Now I have one more photo to add to my stock photos at Getty Images.

"Because your quiche is on my list of the best things in life..." to borrow Hall and Oates.

#foodporn #foodphotography #becauseyourquicheisonmylips #macrothatmakesyousalivate


Binnur said…
The quiches I tried were always moist.Nice image, I would prefer to eat it rahter than look at it though:-)
Binnur said…
'rahter than' means 'rather than' :-)
Rob Castro said…
Cheers, Binnur.

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