Get on up ... Sexy Old Machina

Old machine used for cutting diamonds

Right now I'm marveling at an antiquated piece of machinery that has made laborers work harder.  You may ask what it does.  In truth nothing.  You see the employer threatened the workers that if they don't work hard, they will be replaced by this machine.  They will be forced out of work, and would have to find another job.  Who would hire them?  The machine can do things more efficiently so they thought. The laborers wised up and formed a union.  They booted out their employer and took over the factory.  Most of them didn't know how to run the business so they chose a charismatic leader named Saul to lead them.  Saul couldn't tell the difference between a nut from a bolt but he was handsome.  It was all that mattered.  Later on, the women realized that they were working more than the men.  So they formed their own group and lobbied to replace Saul.  Eventually, Saul was replaced by Lily.  She was very effective in making sure that everybody gets their fair share.  Well, except her friends who get special treatment.  The laborers who practiced alternative lifestyle saw this discrepancy.  They felt they were being discriminated.  So they lobbied to replace Lily.  Lily was soon replaced with Caitlyn, who was a transgender.  It was the best of both worlds.  Caitlyn was a man who became a woman.  Who can better represent the entire work force?  Finally, they all live and work happily ever after.

And now, here I stand. Marveling at this piece of machinery.  How it changed world economics.  And it didn't even do anything.  Brilliant.

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