Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Going Home to My Baby (and why I love the blues)

Damn right, I got the blues.

I'm going back to what I think I do best.  I"m going back to shooting in Black and White.

I really admired this band.  Shot in a bar in Austin, Texas past midnight.  There were only four customers left in the room but they played intensely as though it was packed with hundreds of people.  I love that attitude.  They couldn't care if people listened to their music.  They just like to play.  They played because they love the blues.  This is why I love the blues.  One could be playing for oneself, and it is all good.  It's very personal.  The stories may remain the same but it's never told in the same way.  I think it was George Harrison who said, "you can never play the blues the same way twice."  It may be old but it will always sound new.  Dig it.

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