Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wanted: Old Typewriter

When you can't stand the heat, leave the room.

I have been looking for an old typewriter where I can commit my words without the benefit of the mindless deleting and copying that are offered by the personal computer.  I want to think through before I write, and the old typewriter is just the tool for me.  Handwriting would be the ideal option if not for my atrocious penmanship.

I realized that I have been fooling myself.  So I made the decision to cut off my ties from people in the social media; i.e. Facebook and Instagram.  I knew all along that the social media is fake.  The posts give you a snapshot of what is on people's mind.  But often it is not even an accurate snapshot. It hides behind the veneer of  ambivalence in order to tease the reader.  A contrivance that is meant to draw attention to oneself. Like a fool, I played along.  Why?  because I wanted the attention too.  I wanted to have many hits and likes on my posts.  But what is it worth?  They are all vanities.  As the Preacher wrote, "it is chasing the wind."

I know my art is worth more than that.  I feel that I should not care anymore what people say or react.  I should not care if people ignored my art.  It would be their loss.  And my emancipation.

I shall cast away my vanity.  I shall cast it away.

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