Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Evolution of Alone

The latest revision.

She was my first model.  Never complained.  She just sat there without making a move.  Shot in 2008 with my first DSLR - a crappy Canon Rebel XT, 8 mp, 18-55 mm lens kit.  The image and her stories have gone through several changes but her spirit remains.  

Revised as aLone (again) posted November 1, 2011:

She came as the headless fashionista, and she was a blast at the Halloween party.  They loved her.  But I think she may have partied too much.  She was by herself alone when everybody left.  Left in the dark, she is still waiting for a taxi to get home.  

S:  She's sad because she has no head - maybe you should've given her a pumpkin head, Rob!

L:  She partied so hard that she lost her head.  Freaky!

Annie:  Very nice shadows. Where did you find a mannequin with no head like that? It looks like a photo fit for a fashion magazine.

Juzno:  Found her at the mall. She kept me company while my wife was trying out new clothes.

Rach: Wow a husband that takes his wife shopping; can't find many of those.

Juzno:  Well it gave me opportunity to flirt with the mannequins.

Martha:  He brought her headless body to the party on piggy-back. Her jealous troll boyfriend refused to see her smile and hear her laughter. He returned to his spot under the bridge and cradled her head.  He's destined to remain ugly muddy and cold. She was not sad and alone for long. The taxi man picked her up. She now decorates his shower. Water is life and her clavicles make excellent soap dishes.

Juzno:  Was that why her jeans shrunk?  She was decorating in the shower.

Revised as aLone (reprised) posted April 5, 2010:

It’s about being alone or more accurately the emotion associated with being alone, which is common to all of us. The original image was not like that. I changed it to black and white and darkened the background to give an impression of despair and despondency. I gave her a conscience and an emotion. She is well aware of herself and her predicament. She is helpless, and all she can do is hope. Yes, even amidst the pain and loneliness of being alone, she hopes. Just like many of us, we at times feel so alone, and yet somewhere somehow we tell ourselves that there is always hope. 

The Original Post

The original post -probably around 2009 - now lost in the blackhole of the internet.  The mysterious lady was beckoning to be shot.  So I did. 

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