The Tao of Pandas

Stop making sense.

Juzno:  Pandas are known to be ascetic creatures.  What is the good word?

Panda Left:  Good karma is like a reflection.  You see yourself in the past and in the future at the same time.  Everything is dynamic.

Panda Middle:  The goal of karma is to pursue nothingness and being.

Panda Right: I am but a blur.  Why did you use a  two legged tripod to take my picture?

Didn't get the joke?  Juzno's search for meaning is futile.  The philosophy of the pandas does not make sense.  The statement of Panda Left is a bit subtle and sounds pseudo-intellectual.  It really is nothing more than a mystical potato head blurb.  But when you get to Panda Middle the sayings get more weird.  A contradiction of terms.  One cannot be and be nothing at the same time.  Panda Right is the only sensible one on the group.  A tripod is a three legged device to help stabilize the camera to prevent image blur.  He is upset that Juzno tricked him by using a two legged tripod, which can only exist in the philosophy of the pandas.

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