An ordinary day at the beach

Lanzada Beach, O Grove, Spain

This doesn't really have a witty story behind it.  But I like the picture.  It kind of reminds me of Martin Parr's style - satirically  journalistic  anthropologistic images of aspects of everyday ordinary life of retrospective social England.  Except this was shot at Lanzada Beach, a tourist site in Galicia off a few miles  away from Santiago de Compostela.  Quite frankly, I find Parr's images quite boring.  Does it mean that I find my image equally boring?  At this point, I don't really have much of an opinion.  Maybe deep inside I think it is because I have procrastinated sharing it.  I see the fat lady with too much sunscreen cream on her back, the  hot chick beside her - applying some faux cream on her arms, the lazy people in the background  - they look like miniature toys.  What else can it be?  Unexceptional.  Ordinary.  Maybe if I did not blur out the topless woman sitting next to a man at the lower left hand corner of the photo - it might be a bit exciting.  Oh but I have to  blur out the topless lady because my art is rated PG.  She is there though - I can assure you.  In fact, there were some more topless women at the beach so it was a challenge not to include them in my frame.


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