The Great Sage of the Vatican Museum

Earthenware of Anthrophomorpic Figure,
1200-1400 AD, Quimbaya Culture, Columbia
found in the Vatican Museum.

We had a private viewing at the Vatican Museum, and I was able to interview the great sage Master Quibokoh of the Quimbaya Culture in Columbia.

Juzno:  Master Sage, oh, great prophet of the lost civilization, I do not wish to disturb you but can I have a penny for your thought please?

Quibokoh:  Please come forward.  I always sit like this.  And you can call me Iggy.

Juzno:  What do you think is the theory of everything?

Quibokoh:  That nothing is everything, and everything is nothing.  This is the fundamental belief of our culture.

Juzno:  Was that why your civilization became extinct?

Quibokoh:  That will be a penny.


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