Sacher Cafe in Vienna

Ah, we were fortunate to find a nice table and drink coffee at the Cafe Sacher in Vienna.   The place is internationally famous for their Sacher Torte.  Dr Sigmund Freud is known to have hung out at this cafe for hours where he would order a cup of fine Viennese coffee, read his newspaper, and work out his dialectical thesis on the problem of bed wetting - all in that order.  It is also known that he would order just one cup of coffee, which would last him for as long as he was there.  The tradition is still honored at this cafe.  One can just order a cup of coffee, stay as long as one wanted, and not be bullied by the waiter into ordering  something else.  A cup of coffee and cake could run up to $15 US dollars.  Waiting time is about 20 minutes on a sunny day.  No waiting when it's raining.  This was the case for us.

Hope your day is going well.


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