How One Selfie Stick Can Make People Happy

Don't you just love how happy they are?  It's fascinating how a single selfie stick can turn all smiles.  The smiles are natural and not contrived.  They are looking at themselves at the screen.  They must like what they see.  Even the passer by appears to be humored.

I still like shooting street scenes.  It is getting more and more difficult nowadays.  As people are tending to be cautious about privacy.  Yet, the rise of selfies using smart phones makes for an accessible condition for shooting images of people operating these devices on the street.

I believe this was shot at the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru.  Miraflores can be translated as "looking at flowers" in English.  In this case, they are looking at themselves as beautiful flowers.  Or so what I think it is.


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