Peruvian Style Street

Claire and Jason are Ozzies.  They belong to our tour group in Peru.  Half in our group are from Adelaide, Australia. About 15 or so.  They're a good bunch.  They like to drink and party almost every night.

At this point, we are still in Lima.  There is noticeable police presence at the town square.  This is a good sign.  Or not.  The place is a favorite among tourists.  So that means there could be pick pocketing or petty crimes.  After all Peru is still a third world country.

Really love this image.  I love the combination of yellow and blue that paint the overall urban scene.  Claire is very photogenic, but she gets conscious when she knows her photo is being taken.  Jason is Jason. They are not a couple.  But I managed to capture them together.  Don't know who the water bottle belongs to.  The police are laid back.   Perhaps that is a good sign.

Hope you are enjoying your day.


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