Everly Brothers - Love of My Life


Love of My Life

... sweet destiny Love of my life I love you No other love could thrill me so completely No other lips could satisfy me Baby, Baby, don't deny me My hungry arms Long for your charms Love of my life I love you Artists: Everly Brothers Songwriter: John C. Popper Released 1959 The vocal harmonies of the Everly Brothers have influenced many great singers - including the Beatles. Think of "If I Fell". The influence to my ears is obvious. I was so enamored with the songs of the Everly Brothers that when I saw a vinyl album of their collective songs I bought it right away. I then realized that it was their third volume of songs, none of which I never heard before. I must admit that I was very disappointed. Lesson to me is never buy an album that is marked higher than volume 1. I made the same mistakes in the past and never learned my lesson. There are some redeeming materials that kind of grew on me. Such as this one. It's an abridged version of my own fault. Apologies to the EB fans. I do not own the copyright to the music, the recording and the photos. (The video clip is from Charlie Mounsey https://www.pexels.com/@charlie-mounsey-1653902.) This video is posted for educational use under Section 17 U.S. Code § 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use. Hope you enjoy. sDg. #vocalharmonies #oldies #nostalgia #popmusic


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