My Recording Approach to Converting Analog Recording from Vinyl Records


This is how I usually start in converting the analog recording from the vinyl record to digital so I can post the music on YouTube.  Basically, I record the output from a tube preamp using a handheld digital recorder.  Initially, I was using the Zoom H4 - the one on the right.  I like its simplicity but unfortunately had to retire it as it kept crapping out.   Had it maybe close to 15 years.  The one on left that looks like the a mini-Transformer Robot is the H8 that replaced the H4.  The H8 is ugly but has more bells and whistles. The H8 can record up to 96 kHz at 24 bit - compared to the H4 that records only at 44.1 kHz at 16 bit. I just go with 44.1 kHz at 24 bit on the H8.  One of these days I'll experiment with higher resolution although I think the fidelity is likely to make no difference when listening on YouTube.

After saving the sound file, I import it to Studio One (by Presonus) where I do simple remastering by applying EQ, parallel compression, Hi-pass and Low-pass filter as appropriate.  I do this so it will sound just like what I heard on my hifi system.  I want to hear the low end from the subwoofer and the overheads from the tweeters.  Still learning but it's been a wonderful journey to get back to sound recording - something I've abandoned for decades.


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