Testing the Sky Replacement Feature in Photoshop

This image did not have the dramatic sunrise in the original.

In the latest edition of Photoshop 2021, the folks in Adobe added a feature that can easily replace the sky of an image.  I believe this feature has been there for a while but I did not care to test it.  Until now.  It's very easy to use. Just a couple of clicks and the artificial intelligence built in PS does the masking and replacement.  There are a few cloud images to choose from.  From daylight clouds to sunrise to sunset to storm.  One can also download more cloud images available in Adobe iCloud.

Another image with the sky replaced in PS.

The entire process takes about a few seconds on the test images I used.  The images were all in jpeg format with the width at 2400 pixels, 300 ppi resolution.  I expect that the process will be slower on larger sized image files.

Here's Bob aka as former President Jimmy Carter checking the weather in his first generation smart phone.

Overall, I'll give this 9/10.  Well done, Adobe!  

Below are the images prior to sky replacement:

Hope your day is going well.


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