Jewels of San Antonio (reworked)

Reworked and re-posted

May not be best title for this image.  And it's not one of my best works.  But there's something about it that I like.  I tend to treat the pictures I've taken as my children.  There are bright ones, and there are the middle of the road, and it's always hard to toss away the runts.  All of them seem to tell me something about how I was feeling at the time I took them.  I captured this one morning when I was in San Antonio, Philippines in 2010.  The colors of the wet rocks reminded me of fancy jewels found in 99 cent store.  Trinkets.  I think that's what they are used for.  Trivial.  Unimportant.  Charming only to a few.  Yet sometimes it's those trivial things that we tend to cherish.

Hope you enjoy. - R

Originally posted February 24, 2012


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