Beer and Coffee for Breakfast

Shot on iPhone 7 plus on Lightroom Mobile HDR

Blogging is hard.  At times I wonder why I even do it.  It makes it harder knowing that there is only a small audience.  That's why beer and coffee sometimes makes more sense than blogging.  Maybe that is what makes blogging more sensible.  I don't know.

Today my Lightroom Mobile app told me that there is a new feature in the app.  It is now capable of shooting HDR in RAW format.  How cool can that be.  I have been using the camera feature of the Lightroom Mobile and have been very impressed on what it can do.  The tele capability makes easy macro shooting.  I still use the stock camera app of the iPhone 7 Plus for portrait mode but the Lightroom outshines my other apps.

Above is a sample of what it does.  I am also showing my preference for IPA beer.  As for coffee beans, it has to be the Costa Rican Tarrazu.  If you believe that, you'll believe anything else.

Hope you are having a good day.  Cheers.


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