Friday, March 10, 2017

27 mm for the Fujifilm XE-1 ... my new toy

Shot with the iPhone 7 plus, Lightroom Mobile Pro mode

Rose uses the original X100 and from time to time I would also use it.  It's a great camera for traveling.  I love the Fuji x100 and have thought of getting the upgraded X100F.   What I like is its compactness, classic styling, and the 23mm lens (35 mm on a full frame sensor).  Then I heard about Fuji's 27 mm detachable lens.  It's close enough to the 23mm.  I said to myself I could just get this lens and swap it with my 14mm lens attached on my Xe-1. It will just be like the X100.   In fact, the size is comparable.  On our last travel, I used the Xe-1 and 14mm combination, and was great for landscape.  My new Xe-1 and 27mm will be my next travel camera.  We'll see how this kit works out.