The New Yorkers as Abstraction (2005)

Cross street in Manhattan, somewhere close to Times Square.

Must have been 2001 or 2002, Rose bought a point and shoot camera.  It was a Canon PowerShot S40.  I think it had only 3 mb resolution.  I was not even thinking of seriously going into photography.  We got it so we can document our travels.  I look at the images that this little camera produced, and I'm still amazed.  The above image was taken around 2005 with this camera at a long exposure time for the blur to show.  By then, I was taking more pictures and had familiarize myself with some basic photography skills.  The S40 camera is still with me, but it has stopped working.  Not quite sure why I'm still keeping it.  Maybe by some magic, it might resurrect and serve me well again.  Below is how my S40 now looks like:


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