Wild Flower ... Please to meet you

Shot with the iPhone 7 plus, of course, on Lightroom Mobile
Ever since the weather has warmed up, Rose and I have gone back to our morning walks.  In Chino Hills where we live, we are fortunate to still have some nature trails close by.  Such as this one.  It's a stone's throw away from our house.  I rarely bring my DLSRs or my mirrorless cameras.  Nowadays, all I need is a big stick in case we get ambushed by a coyote, an expired pepper spray in case we encounter a bad guy, and of course my iPhone 7 plus in case there is an opportunity to take a picture.

I've been using the iPhone 7 plus in combination with the Lightroom Mobile, which allows me to shoot in RAW format.   It is now capable of shooting HDR in RAW format.  How cool can that be.  I have been very impressed on what it can do.  The tele capability makes easy macro shooting.

I've used other smart phone apps but thus far the Lightroom Mobile is in my opinion the best.  The app is capable of manual camera operation.  The photo editing tools are very useable.  I can't wait to take the iPhone with me on our next travel adventure.

Hope your day is going well.


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