Ruminations on the Loss of Paul

Growing up in the Philippines, I've heard about how families would visit their loved ones at the Chinese cemetery to burn incense and leave offerings of food by the tombstone.  Never did know exactly why this was done but I have my own theories.

One of things Rose and I wanted to do during our New York trip was to visit our departed friend Paul at his final resting place on earth.  When we got there, fruits and various foods have already been offered.  Who left them there?  We could only speculate.  Obviously, this can only be a sign that there are people who love him.  They too have paid their respect.  As you may notice, there is still no inscription on the tombstone. So I took the liberty of placing one on this picture.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind.  Hey, Paul... hope you are now in a better place.

As for Ascelle, she needs godly prayers.  The estate issues are still unresolved.  It seems Paul never left a will so the assets are frozen.  I could not begin to imagine how overwhelming this could be for Ascelle.  The loss of Paul alone is devastating.  And the ensuing probate will be most challenging.  As she poured out what is in her heart, Rose and I could only provide our presence as comfort and encouragement to her.  Although at the surface things may look bleak, I am sure that all will work out.  I know God is in control.

- R

p.s. Ascelle sends her regards to all.


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