How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

If there was a Dubiously Trinitarian Actor Award for a cultic being that exists as three persons in one, it would have to be awarded to Peter Sellers.  In the Movie Dr Strangelove, he modalistically played the part of the Nazi Scientist, the American president, and the British Exchange officer.  What does this movie have to do with the picture?  Actually, nada. As in nothing.  But the picture reminded me of the movie... black comedy shot in classic black and white.  The fence posts reminded me of the Cuban missiles in the 50s -- the backdrop in the Dr Strangelove movie.   It strikes me strangely that somebody would design a fence like this.  Perhaps the designer was thinking of the movie.  Was it to remind people at that time we were at cold war with the Soviets?  Or was it to prevent people from sitting on the post?

This was taken at the US Merchant Marine Academy, same place I took the more formal "Where are the ducks in this picture?" that I posted yesterday.  The weather condition was calmer at that moment so I was able to several shots.  Not one of them less prosaic than the other.  I can blame global warming.  Can I also blame Bush?


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