Friday, March 09, 2012

Where are the ducks in this picture? (Must have been too cold for them)

Visiting New York was like watching from an old television.  For the most part everything was black and white.  In other words, there were not much of colors in the scenery.  Technically, it's still winter there.  People get happy when the temperature hits in the high 40s.  And that's happiness to be qualified as in a New Yorker state of mind -- which means it's very different compared to sunny Californian laid back friendliness that I'm used to.  I was surprised to have experienced horns honking every so often at the streets.  Given those conditions,  I decided to take mostly Black and White pictures.

I'm not sure how we ended up at the US Merchant Marine Academy but it seems like a neat place for photo ops.  That is ... until I got out of the car, and realized that I should have worn three pairs of socks instead of two, and two pairs of winter boots instead of one.  The picture is deceiving.  It may look like the weather was warm because of the tree shadows on the foreground but it was windy and freezing.  For most of my shots, it was a real effort to keep the camera steady.  This is probably my best shot during the trip.  The rest of my shots went downhill.  More crappy shots to follow...