Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hold It

Hope your day is going well. Somehow today feels like Wednesday. The Memorial Day Weekend messed up my circadian rhythm - not necessarily in a bad way. There's merit to losing track of time. For instance, when Thursday comes, I'll think it's already Friday. Since Thursday is my fave day of the work week and thinking it is Friday, it would provide a healthy illusion of looking forward to the weekend. Does that make sense?

I was originally taking pictures from the back of the car.  When the bridegroom saw me, he was gracious enough to give me full access.
Here's one I took last Saturday. It's at old town Fullerton. Rose and I were looking for Old Town Orange but MapQuest gave us bad direction so we ended up circling Anaheim, Placentia and Fullerton. But no Orange. After driving back and forth, I began to feel like I've lived in those cities for ages. The street signs are permanently tattooed in the closet of my mind. We settled at Fullerton because we know the place better. It turned out to be a pleasant place for photo op.