Just play that old time rock and roll

Growing up as a young lad in the city, every so often I would be awakened by the sound of a marching band parading our street. I would ran out with all the other kids in our block to witness the parade. Always been fascinated with the whole gig, especially with the musicians marching along with their instruments. They weren't flashy musicians but the diverse sounds coming from the instruments were captivating to my unlearned ears. This was my earliest exposure to musicology as far as I can remember.

Techie notes: Taken at a Turkish Parade last year while getting lost in the streets of New York. Black and white rendition using Silver Efex Pro 2, motion blur courtesy of Starbucks, and background music of old time rock and roll -- the kind of music that soothes the soul.

Hope your day goes well.


Rob Castro said…
Yes all artificial. The hat is artificial, so is the trumpet, the man is really a boy and the boy is really a man. Artificially switched (heh). The shutter speed is real though but it's in miles per hour.

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